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Escort Dortmund

In Germany, football is without doubt one of its most important national sports.

Football is easily the largest sport in Germany, with millions of participants at all levels. However, some towns are very much ‘football towns’, and, for us, there really is no better alternative in Germany for a football fan than the city of Dortmund a dream for every fan. You might have heard of their hometown club, Borussia Dortmund. For many people visiting, even with an escort in Dortmund, it’s a trip to the famous Westfalenstadion that is high up on the list of things to do!

Football is the primary passion of the largest city on the Ruhrgebiet, and it’s easy to see why. This was once a thriving industrial town, enriched by coal, steel, and fantastic beers. While the steel mills no longer buzz all day and the mines are shut down, the city has become a bit of a tech hub and still has some of the best breweries in all of the region. For many though, it’s the football that you come for and the football that you stay for.

A trip to Dortmund really is all about enjoying the art of football, with some awesome beer thrown in for the fun of it.

The famous Black and Yellows of Borussia Dortmund are for most football fans the darling club of the country. They might not hold the same reverence in terms of titles won as FC Bayern Munich, but the famous BVB and their black and yellow strips are the embodiment of their club slogan: Echte Liebe

Come to Dortmund, and you can enjoy spending time in a city that is so passionate about one club and one club alone. It’s very rare to see another shirt on the streets, outside of the national side. This is a one-team city, and almost everything worth doing will revolve around BVB in some capacity. So, if you are coming to Dortmund, make sure you make time to try and get tickets for the game. At the very least, take in a game in one of the many, many pubs near the stadium!

Of course, the city is not just all football. Take a quick trip to the Marienkirche, and you can enjoy spending time in one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the whole region. If your companion isn’t a football fan, a trip to either here or the Petrikirche would be a most wise decision to undertake.

A good choice for all fans of the famous beer of the city would be a trip to the Brauerei-Museum Dortmund, where you can learn all about this city’s love affair with beer.

Head on over to Dortmunder U if you are looking for a cultural centre to feel a part of something more.

Add in the gluttony of restaurants, pubs, and clubs, and you can soon see why Dortmund has the ideal reputation of a ‘weekend city’ – so why not come and see what this amazing yellow city hast to offer you and your companion?

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