Head just 40km north of Cologne, and one thing you’ll find waiting for you is a city with bright ideas, interesting layouts, and inspiring Nature. This is a unique town, with a collection of towns strung out along a wooded valley that surrounds the famous River Wupper. The city itself is still relatively young, having only become unified in the year of 1929, but today Wuppertal is the ideal place to find some space for innovation and a major part of this particular region of Germany.

It’s become known for having one of the most well operated monorail systems in Europe, and has become a city that is famed for having many good things to do. Indeed, they are known for their input into the world of dance and creative culture, having been the home of the famous Tanztheater Pina Bausch dance troupes.

However, Wuppertal has a long history of being a place of innovation – did you know that without Wuppertal, we might never have come up with aspirin? What a headache!

If you are in town visiting Wuppertal, either alone or with one of our extraordinary companions, we recommend that you take your time to look around the city. It’s become a fantastic place for long walks, cultural exploration, and to inject yourself into one of the textile heartlands not only of Germany, but of Europe. Today, a trip here promises to be an enjoyable and engaging occasion – the kind that really should help you to find yourself settled down.

Take a trip through this unique location, either by foot or on monorail, and you’ll soon understand why Wuppertal just feels so different to many other parts of Germany. The stunning monorail system has been a part of the local region for over a century, and is one of their most prized possession. Be sure to try it out for yourself, and you’ll not regret it!

However, another good place to go for fans of political history would be to visit the Engels-Haus Museum. Dedicated to the famous Marxist theorist Friedrich Engels, this is one that you should visit if you have any interest at all in this side of culture in the country.

Also, you could look to spend some time in the special Waldfrieden Sculpture Park. This special location is home to many modern works, showing you that Wuppertal is still very much a location that enjoys the art of creation and innovation.

Wuppertal is also home to many restaurants, bars, and hotels, so a ‘traditional’ evening out with one of our ladies is going to be pretty easy to organise. Whether you are in town for exploration or just some fun, you should have no problem in locating what you need. Just remember that if you really want to enjoy this city and all of its glory that you should absolutely look to come and visit with an escort.

With so much to see and do, it would be a shame to have to do it alone!

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