Germany is home to many special cities, and some tend to get more publicity than others. One city that might live a little outside of the limelight is that of Duisburg the city of a different kind of attractions. While some are only aware of the city due to their sporting heritage, for German citizens it’s become a great place to tour, visit, and escape to. Indeed, the fact it’s home to the largest inland port in all of Europe means that this is a city that really should carry far more weight in the country than it does.

If you choose to come to this city, then you should do so alongside a friend for the day. With one of our many escorts in Duisburg, you can make sure that a trip around this famous port city can be as enjoyable as it should be. A boat tour is always a fun and engaging way for you to see the city, especially if you take a trip from the famous Schwanentor. If you head off from here, you will get to see much of the harbour and the surrounding key areas of the city.

This is one of the most interesting cities in the country from an architectural perspective, too. Take the time to head around this city, and you’ll soon realise just how beautiful it is. From old-school buildings restored to former glories to major buildings and modern clubs and bars, this is a city that does a wonderful job of combining the new with the old flawlessly. Does that not sound like an investment worth making?

While many cities might capture your heart for something specific, Duisburg is a fantastic cocktail of all the things that can make a city great. The people are friendly and endearing, while the city is loaded with things to do. From going for a drink in one of its litany of bars or heading to see some of the major attractions set up in the now defunct storage silos, this is a city that makes the most of what it has.

That’s a big reason why people come here. It’s a special city, and it really feels like a place that could explode in popularity in the coming years. The first place we recommend you come to check out, though, would be the Lehmbruck Museum. This is a fantastic starting place if you wish to enjoy the city and learn about it and its most famous residents.

Museum goers might wish to visit the MKM Museum, too. This is a fantastic trip into the new and the old, offering a museum that really does a fine job of selling the story of the city and making you appreciate just how spectacular a place this really is.

It’s the ideal venue for anyone to come and visit if they are looking for something very specific indeed. From a trip along the water near the Nuenkamp to an evening spent in the Hochfeld, you just need to decide what you enjoy most. Because with this city, there is no shortage of options!

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