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When planning a trip to one of the classic cities of German life, then there are few better places to consider than Cologne which is one of the most popular big cities in Germany and so romantic with someone alongside you. Many of our clients call us to book our escort services in Cologne, and it’s so easy to see why. It’s got a fantastic collection of attractions outside of its amazing people, and the city itself is teaming with life and opportunity. A trip here is one that should very much allow you to come away from the city deeply satisfied with what it has to offer you.

It’s beautiful cathedrals dominate the city skyline, creating the perfect photography shot. However, the city is also known for its incredible number of museums. If you are here to learn about culture as much as have a good time, then Cologne offers a multitude of museums to come and visit. Some classic museums include the Museum Schnutgen, Schokoladenmuseum, Domschatzkammer, and the Museum Ludwig.

Other special sights include the special Kolner Dom, a spectacular church that offers the kind of views you might expect to see in classic Rome. Whether viewed on foot, from air, or from the River Rhine, this is a special experience indeed.

Cologne: A city for all styles of people

But what about other things to do? Cologne won’t let you down. Outside of education, culture, and architecture, you would be crazy to disregard the food of his city. You can enjoy a spectacular range of hearty German means, as well as regional and city-specific classics that might totally change how you view food. Add in the gluttony of pubs and clubs to enjoy drinks in, and going out for a long evening that has many aspects to it is very easy in a city like this.

Outside of being able to eat and drink to your hearts content, this is a city that generally is as open-minded as they come. Spend a day or two in Cologne, and you’ll notice that this is a city that very much personifies the idea of carnival culture. Not only does the amazing Carnival that comes to town offer something very special, but it’s also home to the spectacular Altstadt beer halls – a perfect place to visit for anyone with an eye for a unique hop or two!

From beautiful Roman architecture to a stunning collection of post-war buildings that clash (positively) with the old-school designs of previous tenants, and this is a city that perfect fuses together the old with the new. It’s the fourth largest city in all of Germany and has come a long way since its early Roman foundations.

Without doubt, then, taking a trip to the city is a must-have. Whether it’s to come and see the famous Billy Goats of 1. FC Cologne, or you come here to enjoy the unique Middle Ages buildings that still stand, you’ll find something to do. Drinking, dancing, museum hopping, architectural assignments – what more could one need from a city?

Cologne is a famous city with good reason. Come here and enjoy it through the lens of our Cologne escort services, and you’ll soon understand the city like never before.

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