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    Celine - sophisticated Model!

    • Age: 27
    • Height: 171
    • Weight: 53
    • Hair: Brown
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Nationality: Spanish
    • Languages: English
    • Smoking: No Smoker
    • Orientation: Straight

    Sparky yet sophisticated, stylish, and spectacular; there is a reason why Celine is easily among our most respected escorts in Dusseldorf. She’s an expert in the art of pleasure and has created a career out of giving her clients the most satisfying experience they could only imagine for. When you get to lay down with a sophisticated and intelligent model like Celine, you’ll soon realize that not all of us have to choose between intellect and beauty!
    An evening with Celine is like what you would have expected; a deeply satisfying experience that allows you to enjoy something very different from what you normally would have expected. An evening with someone like Celine often means that you get to pick the theme of the evening. So long as everything is agreed beforehand, there is a very small list of things that won’t happen on a date with Celine.
    So, why not give it a try for yourself? Many of our clients who spend some time with Celine come back for more. Her natural beauty tied in with her massive intellect makes her someone you could converse with all night. She breaks many of the expectations that people would have, leaving you with an escort who can heighten the intellectual depth of conversation as well as find your most personal and precious intimate points.
    She knows how to work a body as well as a conversation, and there is nothing to worry about – whatever you are interested in, Celine will find a way to get involved and have some fun. Pick up the phone and give her a call, and you can arrange an evening that you both will look forward to.
    Don’t stress, though; Celine a certified expert in the art of pleasure, so she’ll have no problem at all in helping you to feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable throughout the whole experience. So, where will your evening with Celine begin?

        Escort Service

        Looking for a good time, then? Then you are very much in the right place. We serve a wide range of cities across Germany, including major hubs like Dusseldorf and Cologne. If you are either living in these cities or you intend to come and visit them in the near future, we recommend that you do so with one of our girls in tow. Thanks to the simple hiring service, it really has never been so easy to pick up a friend for the evening in the shape of one of our spectacular escorts!